Godwin Temisa

Abiding Faith

Faith is a very important requirement for our relationship with God.

The Bible says that Faith comes when we hear the Word of God, but it doesn’t just stop there.

Hearing the Word of God is the stimulus.

You see, faith without works is vanity.

Some of us think that ‘works’ are based only on our physical input.

Remember that unbelievers can put in physical work too and make good success of their sweat.

The faith in God is about letting God take the steering wheel. We must put our ego to the back seat.

When you put in the physical work, it is with the belief that God still has the final answer.

Keep telling God that He is in control. Always do that.

If you read the Bible you will find that most of the situations where faith in God was demonstrated

had to do with when people were faced with dire situations.

  • King David trusted in the Lord for his conquest. See Psalm 40:1-2
  • Apostle Paul’s struggles were numerous, but he trusted in God. See 2 Cor 11:16-28
  • God saw trustworthiness in Paul and that is why he was called. See 1 Timothy 1:12
  • The woman with the issue of blood just wanted to touch the helm of Jesus’s garment. See Mark 5:24-34
  • In Jeremiah 21 even though God rejected King Zedekiah’s request for help when the Babylonians were attacking Judah, at least he still had the faith that God was the only possible answer. I am sure God would have given the expected answer if Judah wasn’t very sinful.

So let us take heart to know that God can give answers to our heart desires.

When leaders of our nations begin to put God first and when we as individuals begin to put God first something good is bound to happen. That is the secret of the miraculous. Two factions that are at logerheads will see what needs to be done for peace to reign.

Just keep the faith theme going and hopefully it shall be well.