Hombo And Grumpy Toad

What happens when you dare to be kind, brave, and willing to challenge the odds?
Hombo, the Tortoise, has always wanted to fly.
Grumpy, the Toad, has always wanted to be happy.
One afternoon, while Grumpy is being, well… “grumpy”, he is caught off-guard by the unexpected kindness and compassion shown to him by a stranger—Hombo.
Hombo is clever and positive, but Grumpy is sad and miserable. Nevertheless, the two form an instant friendship, and from this friendship comes a brilliant idea that will give both Hombo and Grumpy what they have always wanted.
Hombo’s limits are pushed and Grumpy’s faith is tested, but in the end, not only does Hombo achieve the unachievable and Grumpy’s sullenness is replaced with mirth, but the two gain something even more — a meaningful friendship!