Godwin Temisa

Dreams – The Path

Once you have set some goals that you want to achieve on your dream path then it is time to walk the walk.

At some point in life you must have started what you thought was straightforward only to find out that it is not as easy as you expected. And now because of earlier disappointment you are now dreading the start of a new journey.

The knowledge and experience from a previous failure is not a total waste. That prior loss can make you more streetwise.

If you can learn new skills then do so. My advice is that people choose first of all investigate their most interesting things in life and then learn the skills within such an area. It is not advisable too just learn a skill just because it is popular or people you know are doing it. But if you did learn a skill blindly, it could still become handy one day.

All knowledge is important.

There are so many reasons why many people are afraid to start walking to make their dreams a reality.

Some people feel that successful people have something special that they dont possess.

Some assume that a successful person was probably born with a silver spoon. Perhaps the successful person started their business by using family wealth that was passed over.

Some people are worried that the path is too ardous, and they might come out on the other side burnt.

Taking risk is part of the game.

There is no venture without risk.

The brave conquer.

Be the David (the nobody) versus Goliath (the giant challenge).

How do you manage the risk?

Not so much managing the risk but also how much risk you are able to take in case the venture doesn’t go as planned.

Nothing is guaranteed. At least that is true in almost everything in life. During the corona virus epidemic, a lot of companies folded up. I am sure that some companies were not even prepared for the magnitude of the problem. So the fact that you experienced failure does not mean you aren’t a capable person. You just have to ask yourself if you prepared for the worst possible risk. If you did everything in your power and the circumstances surrounding the failure were absolutely unavoidable then there is some comfort in knowing that you did the right thing. If on the other hand you didn’t quite measure the risk, then learn from it.

Of course before you start anything you have to at least know what level of risk you are prepared to take.

Some people fear for what their beloved ones might say if they fail. This is especially true when the dream is bigger than any member of that family has ever attemped. Another reason why this kind of fear can be harboured is when someone in that family or a friend has attempted that venture but they ended up with disappointement.

Don’t be too worried if people fail to understand you.

You don’t need validation from anyone. You are a fine (woman, man, boy, girl). You are a complex human with too multiple abilities. You are unique. Their is no one like you!

You were born with so many raw talents but you have to find them through experimentation.

There were periods in my life when I procastinated but thank God I understood better.

Perhaps this is the first time you want to embark on that monumental journey. You must have read the stories or biographies of some highly successful people and wished you could do what they have done.

You know what? You too can do it! The only diference is that you will have to tell your own story. You have to walk your own walk. The difficulty that lie ahead might be similar to that successful person but your story could even become more intriguing. If someone else have pulled it off before then you can also pull it off.

Don’t go into a journey expecting everything will go smoothly without any issues. What if the number of obstacles or challenges are more than you expected? If you expect the worse then it becomes less of a surprise. When you expect issues then you are more likely to put in place some risk management procedures. The challenges you face might not even be in a list of the ones you expect. It could be something out of the ordinary. Something that has not happened to another person before. So the focus should be on where you are going and deal with the obstacles as they come. When you overcome a problem, you have advanced a little further and that provides encouragement to keep going.

Are you constantly being pulled off track anytime you begin a step. Do you feel your path is too constricted and you feel that your energy is drained quickly?

When you go on a safari to a widelife sanctuary, you are more than likely going to need a guide. When you are are navigating a dark place you might just need a torchlight.

Your story will be that you made a safari trip and you explored the many places within. The story won’t really be about the person who was your guide unless you so choose to express a gratitude to them publicly.

Do you think you have the energy to walk the path? Or do you see the energy in someelse who could be your supporter?

Do you need to stop a habit that is preventing you from implementing your dream?

Sometimes you just need that extra bit of support from another companion. I am sure you have heard of the power of two.

Most successful people who are married always say that their partners made a big diference in their success.

There is power in agreement between two people. You can derive a lot of enthusiasm from the person you are attached to.

Even if that person is not part of your projects decision making process, the encouragement and support of that person can go a long way.

It helps to have someone who can always remind you that you have sworn not to go back on your word.

It is much more encouraging if you have some who calls at your house and you goup to the gym together. If you want to run a mile every day, it is very encouraging to have a partner who can run with you.

Now is the time to summon the energy or drive.

Human beings have different energy levels. Some people have a stronger will than others. Some people are bolder than others.

It is not a bad thing to have a weakness. In other to walk the walk sometimes we need to use props. A prop is something that when attached to something else it facilitates or enhances its performance.

It takes boldness to create history or break a record or do something new and innovative.

Whilst there can be an added element of luck, that kind of intervention should not be relied upon. We sometimes create luck through the actions we take.

You might discover your ideal location as a result. You can go anywhere you like in the world and still succeed. You can start all over again anywhere and still succeed.

Depending on the kind of dream that you have, you can even start on a very small scale or build little by little.

So start walking your path today.