Godwin Temisa

Humility – Lesson 1

Making up and ditching enmity has a lot of loose ends to tie. We know that but reaching a compromise should not be seen as where one side gives up their sovereign rights to the other. Compromise is a bitter pill that needs to be swallowed to kick start the process of harmonious dialogue. Compromise is not about one of the parties having to beg for it. If we really want to succeed in reaching compromises then it is necessary to drop some pride.

Let our hearts shy away from the thought that we know not what to do for peace to reign. Bring on harmony, and it will stay quietly caressing our hearts. We can make up a sweet song about it. Each part of what love was meant to do compliments the humble compromise. Disallow words fiercely scribbled on angry hearts. Keep neither the deadly wand that is flipped in a hand, nor the evil pen that is made to work by ink that blots on the labour of wood dust. Let’s reason together like birds of the same feather. Let’s get ready to prepare a picture perfect communion. Let’s salute the good old humble compromise.