Godwin Temisa

Personal Maturity

We know that time doesn’t wait for anyone but we shouldn’t rush everything we do in life.

When I look back to all my mistakes, I can see that in most cases there was an element of hastily made decisions.

You wouldn’t want to pluck a fruit that hasn’t matured, otherwise, it could be very sour.

The fruit might even be poisonous to eat.

Some people rush to do things because of peer pressure, but we are all designed differently.

We have different body clocks, and our speed and will are different.

There are things that don’t need maturity or delay before we can act on them.

If you can iron the clothes you are going to wear to work for the whole of next week now then all the better.

That is one example of something that doesn’t need to be delayed.

For other things that rely on personal maturity and adequate preparedness is needed.

Taking measured steps is not the same as procrastination where there is a baseless fear of failure
or the replacement of hard work with hope for a miracle.

Sometimes God can use the tough challenges that you face to make you a more mature character.

You might not be aware that this is happening, especially when God is preparing you to do His work.

The delay might seem like a curse if you cannot sense that God is with you.

If you are close to God He will not abandon you. Just make sure that you are righteous before Him.

The main key to righteousness before God is absolute faith. Keep the faith theme going.