Godwin Temisa

Starting Out In Life

Life was designed to be hard. If it were not so, no one will have to serve another person.
Don’t take it too badly when you have to serve under another person to get your daily bread.
As long as your human rights are not abused then take it as a call to build your own desired reality.
We sometimes need to go through many obstacles to advance in life.
If you don’t believe me then refer to the life stories of a few highly successful people.
The number of people born with a silver spoon must be small compared to those who survived the gritty path to success.

We all know that Lions are one of the strongest and fiercest animals around.
It is easy to believe that Lions just go out any time of the day and are guaranteed
a meal each and every time. Nothing can be further from the truth.
Preys of lions are not stupid. Once beaten twice shy.
Lions sometimes go out to hunt and come back empty-handed.
They can go without food for days.

Your efforts can go without success after a few tries, but hey there are many
more opportunities to get it right.
So you must not degrade yourself by looking at the achievements of others.
Of course, it is good to learn some secrets from successful people.

According to research (source – https://www.businessworldit.com/startups-funding/what-is-the-average-age-of-successful-entrepreneurs) the average age of those starting out in business is 40 for smaller enterprises and 45 for larger companies.
Ray Kroc launched McDonald’s when he was 52 years old. Wow! Not many people know this.
If you look at the stats we should expect the average successful person to be around 55.

You are not necessarily a failure just because you made it in life at a later time than what you expected or what others expect of you. There are a greater number of people on the bread line. Many are ambitious but sometimes there are other mitigating circumstances that can cause a delay before you achieving success. It is never too late to start. When you start you must assume that it takes grit and focus to achieve the success that you deserve. Most of us don’t get to see the full picture behind the ‘successful’. We may see them as the lucky ones. I am not saying that some luck doesn’t play a part but luck is the exception not the rule.

You current situation is meant to motivate you. See it that way.
Take what you have and work with that.
It is not just how you start but how you finish.
If any of your project fails, then it shouldn’t be due to lack of effort.
It shall be well with you in the name of Jesus.