Godwin Temisa

Time And Process

We know that time doesn’t wait for anyone but we shouldn’t rush into everything we do in life.

For example you wouldn’t want to pluck a fruit that hasn’t matured, otherwise it could be very sour

or even have the wrong taste. The fruit might even be dangerous to eat.

Some people rush to do things because of peer pressure but we are all designed differently.

We have different body clocks and our speed and will is different.

There are things that don’t need maturity or delay before we can act on them.

If you can iron the clothes you are going to wear to work the whole of next week today then all the better. That is one example of something that doesn’t need to be delayed without good reason.

For other things that rely on person maturity and preparedness it is ok to grow into the role.

That is not the same as procastination where there is a baseless fear of failure or a wait for a miracle to happen in place of hard work.

For example when I was a teenager I don’t think I would have the same maturity now to do what I am now undertaken.

Sometimes God can use the tough challenges that you face as a maturity building process.

You might not be aware that this is happening.