Godwin Temisa

Perfect Life?

Is there really such a thing called a perfect life?

Can this be quantified?

My personal answer is a big NO.

Life is an abstract phenomenon since it can’t be measured on a scale.

Also, what is perfect to one person might not be perfect to another person.

We all have different aspirations and standards.

If ever we can say that a perfect life exist, then it would be the state in which

we love our neighbours as ourselves.

Let’s reason together here. Think of how peaceful the world would be if everyone loved each other equally. That would be the ideal life.

Almost all the troubles in the world would disappear.

Survival instinct can cause people to abandon the principles of due love and attention.

The race to live the perfect life which is general materialistic driven can cause many to

fret when something threatens to slow down their train.

It is easier to manage upheavals if we know that a tough road is actually a norm and not an abnormality.

Having a life purpose that is guided by the love for the world and not just for self and family is key.

To know that nothing comes easy gives the impetuous to manage situations better and build the necessary confidence to advance. It can be tempting to look at the speed with which others are realising their dreams but circumstances are not the same for everyone. If you chart your own path and pace along according to you natural rhythm, you are less likely to jump ship and act contrary to what you intended to do in the first place.

My hope is that we see it fit to really understand that it is part of life to go through obstacles, trials and tribulations.

Take care of your self because there is a beautiful world out there that needs your love.